Visual Art by Life Artist, Shiva Marchand

Authentic & Organic Imagery

For purpose-led visionaries.

Visual Art by Life Artist, Shiva Marchand

“Shiva was completely in her element. Her ease, confidence and gentleness is everything you need when being photographed. She managed to capture not only stunning photos but the essence and energy of what I wished to convey. She’s your personal hypewoman during the shoot as well which was just super fun. Highly recommend over and over again!!”

-Bianca Callocchia, Intuitive Reader & Motivational Speaker. 

Visual Art by Life Artist, Shiva Marchand

“Shiva has both photographed and posed with me. She is very aware of how vulnerable it can be to be photographed from her years of modeling experience. From this, she was extremely good at making me feel comfortable in our shoot, understanding how I want to be seen through casual conversation, and making me feel and look like me, without any barriers. I highly recommend hiring Shiva as your next photographer, the photos are amazing but the conversations are even better.”

  -Ciara, The Model Adventurer.  

Hey👋🏻 I’m Shiva. 

Based in Toronto, Montreal and open to international travels, I’m a purpose-led creative visionary specializing in the Spirit (and heart)-led visual, digital media and personal development spaces.

 My lifelong curiosity with life and soul expression on this human journey has taken me down a unique path of different careers and phases. 

Stylist-Image Consultant- Marketing Specialist- Model, Makeup Artist- Photo Posing Coach, Photography Studio Owner- Photographer- Certified Life and success Coach- Clinical Hypnotherapist- Nuero Linguistic Practitioner- Emotional Freedom Practitioner- and most recently; Creative Director & Producer.

I get lit up bringing stories to life, helping creative folks get off the digital hamster wheel, and helping timeless romantics reconnect to the divinity within by honouring the sacred pause  in front of the lens. Quite the combo, right?

I’m happy to have you here. 


Visual Art by Life Artist, Shiva Marchand

Photographed by Alessandra Jennifer